Thursday, March 29, 2012

How NOT to be a Good Parent Thursdays 001

Because I'm an on-again, off-again blogger, I've decided to set a goal for myself of at least two posts a week, one on Tuesdays and one on Thursdays. Today, I want to kick off my "How NOT to be a Good Parent Thursdays" post series, and I plan to follow it up on Tuesday with my "How to be a Good Parent Tuesdays" post. Since being a parent takes up every ounce of my energy these days, I suppose I should write about it, right? So, here goes. Some are taken from my own experience as a parent, and some from my own experience of being parented. Either way, here's How NOT to be a Good Parent: 001.

1. Direct your school's first school-wide musical since the 1960s.

As an English/Theater teacher, when I moved into my brand-new school building this year (complete with a beautiful new theater), I decided it would be a great idea to produce the first school-wide production since the 1960s. Pretty soon the other theater teacher was on board, and the ball was rolling. Now, time time time time time time time time time is spent on the musical and I miss my kiddos. Start-up programs are time consuming and difficult, and more often than not the noncommittal attitudes of today's youth are more of a hindrance than lack of materials or funding. Either way, signing on to direct your school's first school-wide musical since the 1960's is a good way to NOT be a good parent.

2. Teach your child an innovative young game called "Block Blockers"

When Erilyn was a young infant--young enough to lay around and move her arms, but not old enough to crawl--I taught her to play an innovative young game called "Block Blockers". I even created a great theme song: "Block's time to block blocks!" The game consists entirely of me trying to stack ten wooden blocks on top of each other before Erilyn reaches over and knocks them down. Sometimes I win. Usually, I do not. She is methodical in knocking down those blocks. She loves this game. It is her favorite game. We play it all the time.

Until my wife comes home from Wiggles and Giggles--the children's play group that meets at the library on Wednesdays. Erilyn--who can now walk and giggle and jabber with the other children--struggles making friends because "all she wants to do is knock down their castles and it annoys the other kids." Ooops. I never thought about those ramifications. When we began, Erilyn was too young to stack blocks. All we played was "knock down the tower, Erilyn". Now, well, I guess teaching her to play Block Blockers was a good way to NOT be a good parent.

3. Every time your baby poops in the potty say to the other parent in your home, "Hey, Kevin, check this out!" 

I think these three are probably the extent for this week. Look for the happier version of this series on Tuesday of next week where I will share a few tips on how TO be a good parent.