Thursday, January 26, 2012

Finally, the Adoption

After many years of waiting (two for us, seven for her), our daughter Olivia is finally being officially adopted soon. I cannot express how excited I am about this event, or even the joy and peace it brings to my family. In honor of this tremendous, inexpressibly wonderful day, I would like to share an original short story written by my daughter Olivia.

"Little Penguin" 

By Olivia DeRossett

Little Penguin hatched out of the egg. Little Penguin got lost from his father. He saw a bird and a seal. Little Penguin was found, and he became an Emperor. 

In many ways, I think this may be autobiographical. I love her writing. I see so much potential in it. The bird and the seal part--that's what makes a good story, all the little pieces.

I love this girl so very much. And in her honor, I'd like to post a poem about the first time I met my little girl.

"When I Got a Life"

Incredible moments happen in
parking lots.
Cold, rainy,
I met my daughter for the first time
When she was five.
So sweet, so gullible, smart, and new
To me.
Where did she come from, this
Will o’ the wisp light
This changling child, this
Kind of kid?
The moment she entered I smiled.
She stepped out of the car
She smiled at my wife
Her first words spoken were
“When did you get a life?”

                (The answer, it seems,
     was right about then.) 


  1. Love both of the poems. Olivia's seems so much deeper if you know her and all she has been through. Love you guys.

  2. I don't think I have said I was bored since that moment : )

  3. Gave me tears. I love her and you guys!

  4. 2 great poems! Olivia is so intelligent! So many possibilities lay ahead for her with a great new family behind her and beside her. :)