Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My Daughter Takes Her First Steps!

Last night my daughter took her first step. It was, quite literally, a baby step. In fact, it was more like tripping while falling to the ground, but it was her first and my wife and I were there to see it.

I never thought I'd love a baby the way I love her. Before my children, I didn't think babies had personalities until they were, oh, about five years old.

Man, was I wrong! I saw her little personality the moment she opened her eyes. I love my girls so much.

On an interesting note, Erilyn's name comes from my book The Crown of White. Of course, one day it might actually be published and then the title might change, but for now that's what it is. She was named after my character Erilyn O'Shausen, and only time will tell if they end up having similar personalities. Still, it's haunting to read her name in my book. I guess it's pretty obvious she won't die. I don't know of an author out there who has the brass to kill off his daughter's namesake character! So I guess Erilyn is kind of a little bitty spoiler all by herself.

When I look back at the past eleven months, I can't believe all that my family has been through. I am so blessed to have my two little girls and my wonderful wife.

But I am not ready for Erilyn to walk.

But I don't really have a choice in it, do I?

Writing Prompt: 

Make a list of four made-up names. I made Erilyn by combining Erin and Lynn into one name. Try your own combinations. This tactic has worked for other authors as well (need I mention the ear-grating, nerve-pinching Renesmee from those books?). Create a few uncommon names and see what stories begin popping up in your mind. 

Then, write a story where all four of them meet. This may take some creativity because by this point, the four characters probably have already started developing differing backgrounds. But force them to meet, and see what happens.  

Start writing! 

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